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Welcome To High Protein Vegetarian Website – Notes From Founder

Hi, my name is Gayatri and I want to warmly welcome you to my high protein vegetarian meals for kids website.

I am very pleased to announce that this blog will be dedicated to giving out helping and useful information such as nutritional values, meal recipes and how to further enhance the vegetarian experience… especially for children.

So.. this website really is about how to prepare easy vegetarian meals for kids… and making sure that they receive the very best nutritional values from the meals.. and most importantly.. love and enjoy what they eat.

If you do have any questions and queries, don’t hesitate to drop me a question in the comments form. I will get back to you as soon as possible.. and oh… if you are having trouble thinking about what healthy vegetarian meals to cook up for your kids this week, I do have a weekly newsletter that will give you some of the most mouth watering vegetarian recipes I have kept and learned.

You can find them in the top right hand corner of this blog =)

Finally.. feel free to stay around and I hope you enjoy your stay here.

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