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Vegetarian Meals And Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook

facebook CEOIt seems Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s founder and CEO has pledged not to eat any meat that doesn’t come from an animal killed by his own hands. This ghastly goal, the billionaire calls his yearly “personal challenge” for self-improvement. Consumption of vegetarian meals has given him a healthier lifestyle per media.

The Silicon Valley chef Jesse Cool is helping introduce Zuckerberg to local farmers who can supply him with poultry and livestock and reportedly taught him how to kill the animals. Reports say the first meal Zuckerberg ate this way was a lobster that was boiled alive. Since then, he has killed and eaten other animals such as chicken, a pig and a goat.

The 27 year-old Facebook founder and his girlfriend Priscilla Chan, eat as much of the slain animal as they can. However, he is busy running the mammoth social network and not having enough time to actively hunt and kill on a regular basis, and has turned to mostly vegetarian meals as a result.

This particular goal was set after a pig roast at his house when a guest said they really enjoyed it but didn’t like thinking that it came from a once live animal.

It’s easy to take the food we eat for granted when we can eat good things every day.

That he characterised as “irresponsible” and decided that he would take responsibility for what he eats and be thankful rather than try to ignore its origins.

An icon like Mr Zuckerberg, is obviously a great influence on society. His acknowledgement to take responsibility for what he eats and enjoying vegetarian meals is surely an example of greatness and would have certainly triggered a spark in many to think and realize before eating any sort of foods especially meat.

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