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Online Vegetarian Guide

Have You Been Surfing the web and frustrated of asking friends and family how to go about being a vegetarian….
And wished for one place where all your questions
about vegetarianism were answered?


This is where you will get all your Vegetarian Vegan answers!

Are You

  • Considering Vegetarian Practice OR
  • On a Meatless Diet OR
  • Are Already a Vegetarian

…and want to get more out of life through a vegetarian lifestyle

I have been a vegetarian for nearly my entire life
and have led a very healthy lifestyle. I have raised
two kids with abundance of multicultural
Vegetarian Vegan meals, created in my own
humble kitchen. I am here to help you create a
healthy Vegetarian Vegan Lifestyle by guiding you
from A-Z of Vegetarian Vegan Lifestyle.

Are you Ready to Discover Profound and Practical Ways to Embrace A Vegetarian/Vegan Lifestyle and Take Your Health To The Next Level?

The Ultimate Online Vegetarian Guide

The Complete Vegetarian Vegan Resource

By Gayatri D., Vegetarian Vegan Expert

Online Vegetarian Guide

Like many teenagers and adults, have you had any of these questions arise regarding vegetarianism?

  • Will I be an outcast being a vegetarian or a Vegan?
  • What are the types of vegetarian?
  • How does one switch to vegetarianism?
  • What makes people turn to vegetarianism?
  • Will it be safe for my teenager to be a vegetarian?
  • What composes a young vegetarian’s nutritional needs?
  • Won’t there be a lack of protein, calcium, and iron in a vegetarian’s diet?
  • Where can we buy Vegetarian Vegan foods?
  • Are there any hidden ingredients in vegetarian foods?
  • Are there enough varieties of Vegetarian Vegan Meal plans to meet whole family’s nutritional needs?
  • Where can we find restaurants that serve vegetarian food?
  • Will continuous eating of vegetarian food promote weight loss?
  • How can one maintain a vegetarian vegan lifestyle during pregnancy and nursing
  • Is there any direct benefit of vegetarianism in sports and fitness?

A compilation of several months of research and surveys and my whole life experience on vegetarianism to answer all YOUR questions and to lay a foundation and give YOU the confidence to take your health to next level….awaits your read

You will learn how you can derive your complete protein and other vital nutrients very easily through healthy vegetarian cooking.

Online Vegetarian Guide

Let me assure you…I have been there many a times.
But when people see my vigour and vitality,
they want to know “how I do it.”

The answer is simple “You Are What You Eat”

Online Vegetarian Guide

Today, we are very fortunate to be living in an era where
a multitude of ingredients are easily available
from all around the world. 

So creating vegetarian meals that meet the daily nutritional
needs of everyone in the family is only a matter
of getting the vegetarian confidence.

Research shows that many people are frantically looking for
vegetarian recipes on the web and buying vegetarian recipe books,
trying vegetarian dishes BUT still frustrated
why they can’t get the results they want.

Well…the reason is they haven’t built the foundation yet.

It’s like starting to build the walls of a house without laying the foundation…it’s bound to crumble.

This book takes you a step back to give you all the facts and figures and examples of humans who have achieved wonders on a vegetarian lifestyle.

Let the variety of discussions contained in this book serve you to enhance your awareness on various aspects of Vegetarianism and lay that foundation for you and lead you to a holistic and joyful vegetarian life.


  • You know what it means to be a vegetarian
  • Demographics of Vegetarians
  • Reasons why people chose to become vegetarians
  • Different type of Vegetarians and limitations of each type
  • Benefits of Vegetarianism
  • Challenges of being a Vegetarian
  • Basics of Vegetarian Nutrition
  • Vegetarian Diet
  • Vegetarian Food Pyramid
  • Adopting a Vegetarian Lifestyle
  • Vegetarianism for athletes and sports enthusiasts
  • Women and vegetarianism
  • Vegetarian Pregnancy and nursing
  • Vegetarian Teens
  • Vegetarian Kids
  • Ageless Body and Mind with Vegetarian Lifestyle
  • Fading misconceptions of Vegetarianism
  • Challenges in getting a healthy and balanced vegetarian diet
  • Diversity of vegetarian cooking
  • Vegetarian Menu for a day
  • Helpful Guide For Vegetarian Vegan Shopping
  • FAQ on vegetarianism – Answered

This book will lay the foundation on which you can build a solid Vegetarian Vegan Lifestyle…

…then those who frowned upon you would want to follow the lifestyle that you have chosen…

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