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Lose Weight and Build Muscle with High Protein Meals

Many people shun when they hear so-called experts advocating the consumption of high protein meals. After all, our body needs a balanced diet. If something is lacking, or there is some deficiency in some nutrients, then the development of the body is stunted and affected negatively. But from another angle – what if the human body consumes a balanced meal and then decides to increase the consumption of some nutrient, say protein? Will this make any difference, and would this difference be something all of us would want and like?

High protein meals are recommended by bodybuilders to build muscle. Unfortunately, since most people who follow this consume lots of seafood and meat, this kind of meal pattern is not popular with the vegan community. Anyway, high protein diets get about half of their calories from protein, and the remainder is shared between fat and carbohydrates. Since high protein is essential for optimum muscle development, this is very good not only for body builders but also for growing kids and scrawny teens. With this kind of diet, you expose your muscles to an environment where they can develop faster, compared to a person who consumes a diet that is not high in protein.

Lose Weight and Build Muscle with High Protein MealsAnother good thing about consuming high protein meals is that they aid in the never-ending battle against fat. Yes, nutritionists do recommend consuming protein-rich meals to enhance to fat loss capability of the body. Unlike carbohydrates, protein gives more energy that lasts longer and doesn’t cause a surge in insulin. Promotion of fat storage is avoided in the body. You feel full longer, and this helps you to avoid craving to eat too much food. With the appetite suppressed, the body is given a better chance at fighting off the pounds of fat. Who would have thought that eating delicious and high protein meals not only helps in fat loss but also promotes muscle build up!

Many people obsess with counting and limiting calorie intake to the point that they are even afraid to give in to the most primal feeling – hunger. All the worry and frustration can be avoided by just choosing the right kind of meals to eat. If you’re aiming to lose weight and build some lean muscle, then it might be time for you to switch to eating high protein meals instead. After all, you are defined by what you eat, only if you let it define you.

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