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High Protein Vegetarian Recipes Super Easy

Many people don’t know that it is quite easy to prepare high protein vegetarian recipes. It is actually a myth that vegetarians have problems incorporating protein into their diets and many times they get adequate amounts even when they aren’t trying. Here are some examples of vegetarian recipes that you can eat as a vegetarian that are high in protein and easy to make. We have given you examples of food items for each meal of the day for you to get a good idea of how to properly incorporate high protein foods in your vegetarian menu.

The first meal of the day is breakfast and the first of our list is breakfast. The easiest thing to prepare for vegetarian breakfast that will be high in protein is aHigh Protein Vegetarian Recipes Super Easy simple fruit smoothie made with your choice of fruits and rice, oats or soy milk. Other options include scrambled tofu or other breakfast meat substitutes that can easily be found at your local grocery store.

For a main dish or vegetarian dinner you can again use tofu as your protein source along with whole grain sides such as pasta. You can also have a bean stew or tempeh and of course the many other meat substitutes out there such as dinner roast, veggie steak etc.

Another great way that people are not aware of to incorporate high protein vegetarian recipes is in salads and sandwiches. There are a number of meat substitute sandwich meats and slices on the market and you can also make a salad with some veggie mince or your desired protein such as some beans or nuts tossed in.

Then there are of course vegetarian chili and soup recipes. Soups that are made of peas and beans will be the best and the good part is that these will also be packed with fiber which is great for your intestines as well as for weight control. You can have a black bean soup or a triple bean soup and the same can be said of vegetarian chili recipes.
Now that you know just how easy it is to make high protein vegetarian recipes you can start cooking your delectable vegetarian meals right away!

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