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Finding High Protein Vegetarian Meals Besides Meat

The question that comes to mind with vegan diets is where you could get high protein meals. We were taught in school as young children that it is very important to eat your meat because it is a very good source of protein. That is true – meat is a very good source of protein. But it is not the only source of protein. Although our body needs a balanced diet to function effectively, there is no rule where and how to get the required nutrients. The trick is to recognize them.

Meat is not the only source of protein. Also, food around us is complex, and each kind usually contains one or more vital nutrients for us to consume and eat. Seaweed, broccoli and spinach are some vegetables where we can use as substitutes for meat to make high protein meals. For legumes, we can eat peas, kidney beans and things that look and start with soy. Nuts and grains are also common kinds of food where we can find the nutrients our bodies would tend to miss if we take in less meat in our diet.

Detractors, and even meat-lovers such as myself, would counter with the argument that there is more protein in meat than in peas and nuts. This would not be a problem since consuming vegetables, grains, and nuts offers no problem to people who count calories. And since calorie-consumption is not a problem, then you just need to consume a lot more vegetables, grains, legumes and nuts in order to match the protein given by, let’s say a 1.5lb piece of steak. High protein meals be easier to find and prepare if you would use meat, but it doesn’t mean that you cannot prepare the same meals using vegetables and grains.

Another viable alternative is to use protein supplements along with your diet. These things are commonly advertised and come either in powder form, shake form or even in pills. Unless you reside in a place where vegetables and legumes are outlawed and forbidden, I strongly suggest you stick to making high protein meals with real food rather than taking pills or drinking supplements. Supplements are meant to supply deficiencies, and are not designed to be the main source of your body’s protein needs.

Following this diet and almost blacklisting meat from your diet would be extremely new and different to you and your family if you have been consuming meat all your lives. But please try having high protein meals composed of organic products and you will soon find out the refreshing effect of nature’s products.

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