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Vegetarian Meals And Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook

facebook CEO

It seems Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s founder and CEO has pledged not to eat any meat that doesn’t come from an animal killed by his own hands. This ghastly goal, the billionaire calls his yearly “personal challenge” for self-improvement. Consumption of vegetarian meals has given him a healthier lifestyle per media. The Silicon Valley chef Jesse [...]

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3 Filling High Protein Snacks

High Protein Nuts

After having a workout in the gym you crave for a decent amount of protein to keep your muscles in harmony. What you need is high protein snacks and I know just the way. Well here are some few quick high protein snacks to keep you on the go, and to obtain a decent amount [...]

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Finding High Protein Vegetarian Meals Besides Meat

The question that comes to mind with vegan diets is where you could get high protein meals. We were taught in school as young children that it is very important to eat your meat because it is a very good source of protein. That is true – meat is a very good source of protein. [...]

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