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What am I about?

  • I have been a vegetarian my entire life and have wealth of experience in vegetarian foods and cooking from around the world
  • This site is everyone interested in vegan and vegetarian foods and cooking
  • Meat-eaters wanting to add more vegetarian to their diet
  • I hope to help you help yourself with information and tips about vegetarian and vegan cooking
  • Recipes and tips
  • Cooking videos and recipes
  • Where to find different ingredients used in vegetarian cooking

What ingredients to keep handy, what to combine and not to combine in vegetarian cooking,


Empowering families to cook vegetarian dishes requiring basic cooking skills to moderate skills.

Sharing simple recipes to the everyday menu to party and celebration vegetarian/vegan dishes.

There is lots of information available, some good and some unknown.

Everyone needs to decipher what works for them.