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3 Filling High Protein Snacks

After having a workout in the gym you crave for a decent amount of protein to keep your muscles in harmony. What you need is high protein snacks and I know just the way.
Well here are some few quick high protein snacks to keep you on the go, and to obtain a decent amount of protein.
High Protein NutsGenerally, nuts have an abundant amount of protein and good fats. Don’t be scared if you hear to word “fat” and besides it is good fat which mean not trans fat or hydrogenated fats. Since nuts have fats, do not intake too much of it or else you will have extra fats on the unwanted areas. If want to remain healthy, go with some plain nuts, or better yet, some trail mix with different types of nuts on it. Get a piece of fruit and some complex carb food and you will have a very healthy high protein snacks.
Double Milk
Actually milk is almost a meal itself, it is filling and has a decent amount of protein you need and good fats too. But don’t expect an abundant amount of protein on the milk, it only fair amount of protein. On the other hand if you wish to amplify the protein content, just dunk some powdered milk. Don’t worry you will not notice any taste difference, you just added an ample amount of protein. It’s always good to have protein combined with some complex carb food. Therefore, grab a piece of fruit and indulge yourself a great high protein snacks.
Peanut Butter with Banana Sandwich
If you want some easy yet filling and has decent proportion of protein, try making this food, moreover, it’s best paired with a glass of milk to completely acquire the highest amount of protein, with these two food paired you will have one of the high protein snacks out there. Although, you must closely choose the choice peanut butter, go for a organic peanut butter and don’t purchase any processed peanut butter like, Skippy (it has hydrogenated fats, which is not good for the body)
Presto… you have three of the most high protein snacks out there. If you are hungry, go for these foods and get pleasure from it. Satisfy your cravings.

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